Here’s what some of our clients have to say about us….
" SalesFloor "
“Thanks to CloudLaunch, our call center has everything it needs to succeed. It’s the best SaaS CRM and the price is the best part. We were paying over $5,000 per month with our last provider.”
" CloudURL "
“Our hosting company has relied on CloudLaunch for over 4 years. It’s way better than any CRM we ever used.”
" NicheAmbassador "
“When our company was just a StartUp, it was CloudLaunch that helped us engineer a funnel from the beginning of our ad campaign, all the way to the call center agents. Effortlessly. We have our email delivery, CRM, VOIP service, and sales automation tool all on one platform. Thank you CloudLaunch!”
" SwimModel.com "
“Our bikini company relies on CloudLaunch for all of our marketing campaign needs. They are perfect for StartUps! They get the space really well.”
" BioSciMax.com "
“Our dental products are selling like hotcakes! CloudLaunch gave us a platform to communicate with our clients, and our sales force all on one platform. A CEO can communicate with a sales agent and the entire staff. It’s like Slack + SalesForce had a baby and they named it CloudLaunch”
" iBuddyHost "
“Our company relies heavily on our call center. CloudLaunch is the first marketing automation tool I ever used that considers every aspect of the customer lifetime value. A great tool!”
Currently Serving Over 23,203 Users Across Our Platform
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